VEBIE24PSS 24″ Built In Self Cleaning Electric Wall Oven

Appliances Buy Phone Inc. now offers its customers the VEBIE24PSS built in self cleaning electric wall oven by Verona.  This stainless steel, multi-function electronic programmable  oven offers true European convection with fast and consistent results.  The VEBIE24PSS comes with chrome knobs and handle, 2 heavy duty racks, and has a 2.0 cu ft oven capacity.  Broiler power is 2000 Watts, Oven power is 2,300 Watts.  Dimensions are:  22 3/64″ W x 23 1/32″ H x 22 7/16″ D.  Weight is 140 lbs.

Consumers, architects and designers will love this oven!  Call us at 888-828-3302 and let us help you purchase this beautiful built in self-cleaning electric oven.

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18″ Wide Solid Door Beverage Refrigerators

Appliances Buy Phone is now selling Summit 18″ wide solid door beverage refrigerators.  Dimensions are: 34.25″H x 17.75″W x 23.5″D.  All are made to be either built-in or freestanding.  Features include: digital thermostat and display, 4 adjustable chrome shelves, reversible doors, LED lighting, and auto defrost.

Models available:

SCR1841SD – black exterior and factory-installed keyed lock.

SCR1841IF – integrated stainless steel door frame accepts full overlay panels for a custom look.  Panel size:  17 1/2″W x 27 3/4″H.  Customers provide their own handle.

SCR1841SS – black cabinet with reversible stainless steel wrapped door with standard SCR1841 handle.

SCR1841CSS – stainless steel  cabinet with stainless steel wrapped door and standard  SCR1841 handle.

Call us at 1-888-828-3302 and let us help you find the beverage refrigerator to suit your needs.


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15″ Wide Frost-Free All-Freezers

Appliances Buy Phone has 15″ wide frost-free all-freezers now available with solid doors.  Designed for small spaces, the following units will give each user a choice of options.  Dimensions are: 34″H x 14.75″W x 22.75″D.  All are designed for built-in or freestanding use.  All offer  reversible doors, frost-free operation, digital thermostat, digital display, interior LED lighting, adjustable chrome shelves and open door alarm when door is left open for more than one minute.

SCFF1537B - black exterior.  Has a stainless steel professional handle. Pair with FF1538B all-refrigerator.

SCFF1537BIF- has an integrated stainless steel door frame which will accept overlay panels to achieve a custom look.  Users provide their own handle.  Does not come with a keyed lock.  Pair with an FF1538BIF all – refrigerator.

SCFF1537BSS – black cabinet with reversible stainless steel wrapped door with standard SCFF 1537B handle. Pair with an FF1538BSS all -refrigerator.

SCFF1537BCSS- stainless steel cabinet/door with standard F1538B handle. Pair with an FF1538BCSS all-refrigerator. offers many appliances to fit the needs for small spaced areas as well as appliances which enable customized looks.


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ADA Compliant 18″ Wide Solid Door Beverage Refrigerators

The SCR1841SDADA – solid door ADA compliant beverage refrigerator can be built-in for undercounter use or used as a free-standing unit.  Weighs only 90 lbs with dimensions of: 31.38″ H x 17.75″W x 23.5″ D.  Capacity is 3.3 cu ft.  Features include:  4 adjustable chrome shelves for beverage storage, fully finished black cabinet, reversible door, auto defrost, factory installed locks for security, digital thermostat, digital display and LED lighting.

The SCR1841IFADAsolid door ADA compliant beverage refrigerator.  This unit has basically the same features (minus factory-installed lock) as the SCR1841SDADA with the additional feature of a reversible door that has an integrated stainless steel frame designed to accept custom overlay panels for a seamless, true custom look.  Panel size is: 17 1/2″W x 27 3/4″H.  Users will provide their own handle.  *Ships with a hinge kit designed for rt. hand or left hand door swing.

The SCR1841SSADA – solid door ADA compliant beverage refrigerator.  This unit measures:  32″H x 17.75″W x 23.5″D.  Comes with a user reversible stainless steel wrapped door complete with a factory-installed keyed lock and a sleek handle.  Weight is 103 lbs.

The SCR1841CSSADA – solid door ADA compliant beverage refrigerator.  This unit measures:  32″H x 17.75″W x 23.5″D.  The door and cabinet are fully wrapped in stainless steel .  The reversible door includes a pro handle and comes with a factory installed lock.  Weight is 103 lbs.



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SCFR70BC Commerical Back-Bar Beer Cooler

SCFR70BC by Summit is a new beer cooler product which will enable you to serve beer at its absolute coldest!  Frost-free operation and digital thermostat provides easy maintenance and temperature management.  You can set the thermostat anywhere between 24º and 42ºF.  Approved for commercial use, the SCFR70BC back-bar beer cooler with its 23 inch depth fits easily behind your bar.  Dimensions are 33″H x 44.13″W.  Weight of unit is only 120 lbs.  Unit capacity is 6.8 cu ft which includes 8 wire baskets for easy storage of bottles and cans. The beer-bar cooler comes in white with a stainless steel sliding lid for durability. There are no ozone damaging chemicals.  Voltage/frequency is 115V AC/60 HZ.

Call us at at 1-888-828-3302 for your beer cooler needs.

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High-End Verona Cooking Appliances at Appliances Buy Phone, Inc.

High-end cooking appliances by Verona are now offered by  The Verona brand of classically designed ranges, ovens and cooktops has been serving European clients since 1958.  Hand-crafted and designed in Italy, Verona has built an excellent reputation for its quality cooking appliances and  customer service.  Consumers, designers and architects have found the elegance and efficiency they want in Verona cooking appliances.

Appliances Buy Phone, Inc. has a large selection of Verona electric wall ovens, built-in gas wall ovens, electric and gas cooktops, (with front or side-controls), self-cleaning, dual-fuel convection ranges with single or double ovens, radiant cooktops, warming drawers, and induction ranges.  Quality features for the discerning buyer. 

Call us at 1-888-828-3302 and let us show you the benefits of owning a Verona cooking appliance.

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FF1538B Slim 15″ Wide All-Refrigerator

Summit All-Refrigerator FF1538B now available with solid door!  The FF1538B  can be used as an under-counter built-in or as a freestanding unit.  This unit has a 3.0 cu ft capacity with dimensions of 34″ H x 14.75″W x 22.75″ D and comes with a fully finished black cabinet.   The door is reversible and has an attractive stainless steel handle.  The floor within the refrigerator is slotted to hold wine bottles!  How cool is that?  Also, the glass shelves in the refrigerator are adjustable.  There are 2 chrome door shelves which are removable for easy cleaning.  The FF1538B comes with a factory-installed key lock on the door for added security.  This unit can be ordered with a stainless steel wrapped door or with an integrated frame that accepts customer panels.  It is commercially approved and environmentally friendly.

You can pair the FF1538B with the SCFF1537B All-Freezer as a side-by-side set or stack them with our convenient StackRack.

The FF1538BIF has the integrated stainless steel frame for overlay panels should you desire to customize.  Panel size is 14 11/16″W x 30″H.  Users provide their own handle to complete the look.  Weight of the unit is 73 lbs.  The SCFF1537BIF is the matching frost-free freezer which you can purchase to create a side-by-side or stackable set.

Also available are the FF1538BSS and the FF1538BCSS.  The FF1538BSS has a black cabinet with a reversible stainless steel wrapped door with a standard FF1538B handle.  The FF1538BCSS has a stainless steel cabinet and door with a standard FF1538B handle.

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SCFF510SWH Frost-Free All Freezer – Built-in or Freestanding

The SCFF510SWH Frost-Free All Freezer  has a fully finished cabinet for use either as a built-in(under the counter)  or as a freestanding unit.  The unit’s door is user reversible.  It comes in a white exterior finish and has a 24″ footprint.  Capacity is 4.72 cu ft.  Dimensions are:

34″ H x 23.63″ W x 23.5″ D.

This freezer is low-maintenance and user-friendly.  Adjustable shelves enable storage flexibility.  A digital thermostat allows for easy temperature management.  Listed to NSF-7 standards, the SCFF510SWH is perfect for use in commercial establishments.  Environmentally friendly, this freezer is 100% CFC free.  A hospital grade “green dot” cord for added safety is included.  A factory installed lock for added security comes standard on this unit as well.   Upgraded features are available for purchase.

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FFBF171SS Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The FFBF171SS Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator by Summit offers a slim 24″ footprint with a full 11.47 cu ft capacity inside.  Reliable, energy-efficient performance and 100% CFC free, the FFBF171SS refrigerator is frost-free, has adjustable door storage, multiple racks with adjustable clips, 2 mini crispers, 1 large crisper, and an adjustable  scalloped steel wine rack. There are separate digital controls for the refrigerator and freezer section with digital temperature readout for easy observation.

Cabinet color is platinum with stainless steel doors and chrome handles.  The stainless steel doors are reversible.  The glass shelves in the refrigerator section are removable, adjustable and trimmed in steel.  They come in fogged style with a blue tint.  The unique design of the bottom freezer with its slide-out plastic removable drawers helps keep the cold inside.

If the refrigerator door is left open for over 2 minutes, an open door alarm sounds.  If the internal temperature in the bottom freezer has exceeded its suggested range, a freezer alarm will sound to warn you.

A super cool function allows you to rapidly cool the refrigerator section to 35.6°F.  This is a great feature to have when you come back from the supermarket and want to quickly bring your foods to the right temperature after unloading your groceries.

Dimensions of the FFBF171SS are:

77.63″ H x 23.63″ W x 23.75″ D

If you want a factory installed icemaker, check out the FFBF171SSIM.

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A Second Kitchen in Your Backyard

Add value and function to your home by purchasing U.L. approved outdoor use appliances.  Appliances Buy Phone, Inc. carries a complete selection of appliances by Summit, including beverage coolers, beer dispensers, icemakers, refreshment centers and carts.  Our weatherproof collection of safe and stylish appliances  is ideal for use in homes and commercial establishments.  For purposes of this blog, I will focus on the compact icemakers.

The BIM240S compact icemaker by Summit is available for built-in use or free-standing.  It can produce up to 10 lbs. of crescent-shaped ice in a day cycle.  The ice stays frozen longer since it is stored in a carefully insulated storage bin.  For customers desiring an ADA compliant model or who require other height adjustments, the BIM240S is available with two different sized bases.  You can get a base of 32″ for the ADA compliant version or a 34″ to adjust from 33″ – 34 3/4″ heights.  The back of these units are sealed, preventing exposure of the electrical components.  The bases include a drawer for extra storage.  These units are in complete stainless steel, manual defrost and have an integrated GFCI to protect you from shocks and/or  breaks in the circuit.

Dimensions of the BIM240S

25″H x 14.75″W x   21″D

Dimensions of the BIM240SBase 32

32.0″ H × 14.75″ W × 21.0″ D

Dimensions of the BIM240SBase 34

34.75″ H × 14.75″ W × 21.0″ D

Call us for more information about any of our other convenient outdoor appliances.                  1-888-828-3302





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