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Buy Summit WTM6107SWRT 24 inch wide slide-in gas range in white with sealed burners, oven window, light at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Summit WTM6107SWRT 24 inch wide slide-in gas range in white with sealed burners, oven window, light, and electronic ignition

Summit WTM6107SWRT 24 inch wide slide-in gas range in white with sealed burners, oven window, light, and electronic ignition
Weight 200.00 lbs
Color White
Our price: $712.00

Slim 24 inch width
Apartment sized to fit in small or galley kitchens
Gas range
Natural gas range; can be converted to LP Gas in our shop or ordered with KIT LP S2 for conversion
Slide-in look
Flat backguard can blend into other cabinetry and lets you choose your own wall design behind the range
Four sealed burners
Easy cleanup on boil-overs and accidental spills
High output burner
Right front burner features 12,000 BTU output for powerful cooking
Stainless steel manifold
An elegant finish to the classic white exterior
Oven window with light
Easier monitoring of your cooking with an oven window and on/off light
Porcelain construction
White porcelain removable oven top and door
Electronic ignition
Gas spark ignition for automatic lighting of burners
Drop-down broiler compartment
Lower compartment for separate broiling with even heat distribution
Broiler pan included
Two-piece porcelain broiler tray with grease well
Push-to-turn burner knobs
To prevent accidents, knobs require a small amount of force when turning
Removable burner caps
Burners include a removable cap for easy cleaning
Recessed oven door
Smart design limits the depth and protects adjacent cabinets
Oven racks
Two wire racks with safety brakes included, with several glide positions to accommodate a variety of sizes


Height of Cabinet 36.0" (91 cm)
Width 24.0" (61 cm)
Depth 24.0" (61 cm)
Door White
Cabinet White
US Electrical Safety CSA
Weight 150.0 lbs. (68 kg)
Shipping Weight 200.0 lbs. (91 kg)
Parts & Labor Warranty 1 Year
Gas Range
Ignition Spark
LP Convertible With KitLP Accessory
Oven Capacity 2.92 cu.ft
Cooktop Surface Porcelain
Burner Type Sealed
Number of Burners 4
Burner #1 BTU 12000.0
Burner #2 BTU 9100.0
Burner #3 BTU 9100.0
Burner #4 BTU 5000.0
Burner Controls Dial
Oven Controls Dial
Oven Light Yes
Cleaning Type Manual
Oven Rack Qty 2
Oven Window Yes
Oven Interior Height 14.0" (36 cm)
Oven Interior Width 19.0" (48 cm)
Oven Interior Depth 19.0" (48 cm)
Broiler Location Below Oven
LP Conversion

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