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Buy Summit SBC635MBISSHV Built-in residential beer dispenser, auto defrost with digital thermostat at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Summit SBC635MBISSTB Built-in residential beer dispenser, auto defrost with digital thermostat, towel bar handle

Summit SBC635MBISSTB Built-in residential beer dispenser, auto defrost with digital thermostat, towel bar handle
Weight 140.00 lbs
Color Stainless Steel Door with Black Cabinet
Our price: $1163.00

Full-sized beer dispenser
Large 5.6 cu.ft. interior can accept a full half barrel keg, two 1/6 barrel kegs, or a pony keg
Built-in capable
Make the best use of space by installing your appliance under the counter; NOTE: if installing flush with wall or cabinets, unit will require extra space due to the door design. Width should be 25" to 25 1/4". For more information, see the user manual
Tap Kit
Includes a 5 lb. CO2 tank and regulator, draft arm, Sankey American tap, and connection hardware
Stainless steel wrapped door
Durable design with lasting elegance
Professional towel bar handle
Curved handle in brushed stainless steel offers a sturdy grip with professional elegance
Automatic defrost
Reduced user maintenance with auto defrost operation
Digital thermostat
Electronic controls ensure easy temperature management, with an external readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Ideal beer temperature
Operates between 33º and 50ºF to keep a variety of beers stored at just the right serving temperature
Fully finished black cabinet
Allows the beer dispenser to be used freestanding
Casters included (ship unassembled)
To make the beer dispenser portable, install this set of 2 1/2" high locking casters
Top guard rail (ships unassembled)
Attractive chrome guard rail helps to reduce spills and neaten service
Stainless steel floor cover
Interior includes steel cover to protect the floor when loading kegs
Drip tray
Removable drip tray catches spills to help contain the mess
Deep Chill function
Great for getting faster cooling results when loading your first keg
100% CFC free
Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals


5.6 cu.ft.
Ext Depth with Handle
Interior Height 1
Interior Width 1
Interior Depth 1
Comp Step Height
Shipping Weight
140.0 lbs.
110.0 lbs.
115 V AC/60 Hz
Canadian Electrical Safety
US Electrical Safety
Energy Usage/Year
310.0 kWh/year
Factory Reversible
Door Swing
Defrost Type
Temperature Range
33º to 50º F
Depth with door at 90°
Fan Type
Thermostat Type
Low Side PSI
Level Legs Quantity
Refrigerant Type
Freon Oz
High Side PSI
Compressor Warranty
5 Years
Parts/Labor Warranty
1 Year

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