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Buy Summit FFBF191SS Counter depth ENERGY STAR certified bottom freezer refrigerator in a slim fit, frost-free at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Summit FFBF191SS Counter depth ENERGY STAR certified bottom freezer refrigerator in a slim fit, with frost-free operation, stainless steel

Summit FFBF191SS Counter depth ENERGY STAR certified bottom freezer refrigerator in a slim fit, with frost-free operation, stainless steel
Weight 205.00 lbs
Color Stainless Steel with Platinum Cabinet
Our price: $1204.00

Not Energy Star certified
Bottom freezer
Convenient design keeps all refrigerated storage at eye level for easier use
Full capacity in slim fit
Unique size offers a full 13.3 cu.ft. capacity in less than 24" of width
Digital thermostats
Separate digital controls let you adjust the refrigerator and freezer section, with a digital display viewable in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Frost-free operation
Eliminates the need to manually defrost the refrigerator or freezer section
Adjustable glass shelves
Rearrange your refrigerator space to accommodate all shapes and sizes or remove shelves for a simple clean-up
Door storage
Store tall bottles and condiments right on the door for convenient access
Multiple crispers
Two clear crispers offer the perfect storage conditions for meats, dairy items, and produce.
The lower crisper includes a dial for humidity control
LED lighting
Automatically illuminates when you open the door
Stainless steel doors
Professional style with quality stainless steel construction.
Doors are factory reversible.
Removable transparent freezer drawers
Unique freezer design keeps the cold inside, even when the door is opened
Open door alarm
Audible alarm will sound if either door is left ajar for over two minutes
High temperature alarm
Freezer includes an audible alarm that sounds if the temperature is too high
Super Cool function
Allows you to rapidly cool the refrigerator section to 35.6ºF.
Ideal for bringing newly loaded groceries to a safer storage temperature
Super Freeze function
Allows you to rapidly cool the freezer to -12ºF as needed
Bottle holder
Includes a curved plastic piece designed to hold two bottles safely in place
Holiday setting
Allows you to disable the refrigerator while keeping the freezer functioning, perfect for use during vacation or downtime when you may want to keep items frozen but save on energy usage in the fresh food section Integrative ice box included
Removable ice box lets you fill up cube trays and drop the cubes into a handy box when they are frozen.
100% CFC free
Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals


Height 79.0"
Width 23.63"
Width with Door Open 24.63"
Depth 25.63"
Depth with Handle 27.63"
Depth with door at 90° 47.25"
Capacity 13.3 cu.ft.
Defrost Type Frost-Free
Door Stainless Steel
Cabinet Platinum
US Electrical Safety CSA
Canadian Electrical Safety CSA-C
Energy Usage/Year 413.0kWh/year
Amps 1.5
Voltage/Frequency 115 V AC/60 Hz
Weight 183.0 lbs.
Shipping Weight 205.0 lbs.
Parts & Labor Warranty 1 Year
Compressor Warranty 5 Years
Door Swing RHD
Reversible Factory Reversible
Crisper Qty 2
Crisper Finish Transparent
Crisper Cover Glass
Refrigerator - Shelf Type Glass
Refrigerator - Shelf Qty 3
Refrigerator - Full Door Shelves 4
Adjustable Shelves Yes
Interior Light Yes
Thermostat Type Digital
Fan Type Interior
Refrigerant Type R134a
High Side PSI 250.0
Low Side PSI 88.0
Level Legs 2
Interior Drawers Yes
Drawer Qty 3
Interior Height - Drawer 1 8.75"
Interior Width - Drawer 1 16.5"
Interior Depth - Drawer 1 12.0"
Interior Height - Drawer 2 9.63"
Interior Width - Drawer 2 16.5"
Interior Depth - Drawer 2 12.0"
Interior Height - Drawer 3 6.25"
Interior Width - Drawer 3 16.5"
Interior Depth - Drawer 3 12.0

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  • Author: CaseyaNymn
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  • Author: Manuelbeide
    301 Moved Permanently
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  • Author: Dimi
    This is the only product I wanted in my renovated modern kitchen, and I got it. It is beautiful, European style, tall and has a lot of space actually. But not all gold what is shinning:
    Major issues:
    1. out of the box the the unit is very nice, and relatively quiet, but, The Crisper Box (middle sections drawer) is sitting on top of the freezer, therefore everything you put in it, is just comes out frozen in a day, so it is basically useless for its purpose (vegetables, fruits, citruses), the only good purpose is to semi-freeze meat or should I say defrost it a bit. I had to actually insulate it with Styrofoam to not freeze the contents of this drawer.
    2. after just 1 year, the door handle just broke off completely, amazing most important part of this unit, which need to withstand the most just broke off. After looking at it, I think it was made with the mix of plastic (cheap plastic) and some sort of aluminium. But my question is how is this thing getting tested, with minimal use it just falls off.
    After some hassle with the manufacturer (since it was past the 1 year warranty, yes guys ONLY 1 year warranty) they were understandable that this is not normal to have handles fall off their units and sent me a replacement actually really fast, I put it back in myself since it is not that complicated, so we while I was waiting I moved the handle from the freezer to the main unit, right? why do we need 2 handles))
    3. This is the most annoying: After 2 month from the handle incident, the alarm on the door started to just randomly sound, (it usually buzzes when you forget to close the door, actually very nice feature) but now it started to sound when the door is closed for 10-20 seconds and all temperatures started to reset and after 20 sec it was quite. After another week it started to sound 30 seconds, and didn't stop until we reopened the door couple of times.
    (It is still in this condition) I understand electronics in our life could go wrong sometimes, but my main beef is with the manufacturer, not retailer) after some exchanges, they suggested:

    "If you feel we are not the company you wish to perform business with, we understand & hope you find another brand that does make you happy."

    The problem with this is that I already DONE business with them buy buying this faulty appliance, and this is regular customer service....so my fellow buyers, if you like this unit, like I still do, and want to spend $200-$300 per visit to fix a sensor (or otherwise you will be listening to 1 minute alarms on this frig) or other things which might fall of after 1 year warranty, go ahead and do business with this company!

    Or you can get something reliable, not as nice I guess, it is your choice, I just want to warn you guys that after you do business with Summit, they don't want to honor this relationship like it supposed to be.
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