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Buy Summit FF1525PLIM Ingenious Series 18.12 cu ft Frost Free Refrigerator Freezer in Platinum with an Icemaker at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
Home :: Refrigerators :: Summit :: Summit FF1935PLIM Ingenious Series 18.12 cu ft Frost Free Counter Depth Refrigerator Freezer in Platinum Finish with Icemaker

Summit FF1935PLIM Ingenious Series 18.12 cu ft Frost Free Counter Depth Refrigerator Freezer in Platinum Finish with Icemaker

Summit FF1935PLIM Ingenious Series 18.12 cu ft Frost Free Counter Depth Refrigerator Freezer in Platinum Finish with Icemaker
Weight 220.00 lbs
Color Platinum
Our price: $1399.00

Frost-free operation
Ensures low maintenance operation by eliminating the manual defrosting process
Platinum finish
Stylish look suits many kitchen styles
Adjustable glass shelves
Rearrange refrigerator and freezer space to accommodate all sizes or remove shelves for simple cleanup
Factory installed icemaker
Keep a steady supply of ice on hand in the freezer compartment
Door storage
Full and half shelves in both compartments, with a large refrigerator door shelf that can accommodate gallon-sized containers
Smart Station
Unique door compartment lets you store selected items in a way that's easily accessible without opening the door
Humidity controlled crisper
Large crisper drawer offers the ideal conditions for storing produce
Deli crisper
Clear drawer compartment is ideally designed for deli storage
Sliding mini-crisper
Great for smaller items, the compact crisper can be moved from side to side for added flexibility
Interior lighting
Automatically illuminates when the refrigerator door is opened
Power Cool function
When activated, this feature rapidly cools the refrigerator compartment. Great for when you have just loaded room temperature items, such as new groceries
Holiday function
Allows the unit to save on energy use during short periods of no activity
Open door alarm
Audible alarm will sound when the door is left open for over a minute. You must first activate this feature on the door control panel
Exterior temperature control
Intuitive digital controls allow you to adjust the refrigerator temperature without opening the door
100% CFC free
Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals


18.12 cu.ft.
Shipping Weight
220.0 lbs.
203.0 lbs.
US Electrical Safety
Energy Usage/Year
472.0 kWh/year
Canadian Electrical Safety
115 V AC/60 Hz
Door Swing
Crisper Quantity
Shelf Quantity
Adjustable Shelf
Shelf Type
Crisper Cover Type
Crisper Finish
Full Door Shelf Quantity
Half Door Shelf Quantity
Gallon Storage
Wheel Quantity
Defrost Type
Depth with door at 90°
Fan Type
Thermostat Type
High Side PSI
Freon Oz
Freon Type
Level Legs Quantity
Low Side PSI
Compressor Warranty
5 Years
Parts/Labor Warranty
1 Year

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