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BuySummit FF1511SS ENERGY STAR certified counter depth refrigerator-freezer with stainless steel door at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Summit FF1511SS ENERGY STAR certified counter depth refrigerator-freezer with stainless steel door and platinum cabinet

Summit FF1511SS ENERGY STAR certified counter depth refrigerator-freezer with stainless steel door and platinum cabinet
Weight 200.00 lbs
Color Stainless Steel Doors and Platinum Cabinet
Our price: $903.00

ENERGY STAR certified
Rated by the DOE to perform with more efficiency than federal standards require, saving your unit energy and you on higher utility costs
Reversible stainless steel doors
User-reversible door swing for added flexibility
Designer handles
Brushed steel handles offer a modern look for the refrigerator
Frost-free operation
No-frost convenience for reduced user maintenance
Large capacity
Generous capacity inside a counter deep footprint
Adjustable glass shelves
Rearrange your refrigerator space to accommodate all shapes and sizes or remove shelves for a simple clean-up
Fruit and vegetable crisper
Get the longest life and best taste out of produce by storing it in a convenient slide drawer
Door storage
Store tall bottles and condiments right on the door for convenient access
Interior LED lighting
Energy efficient lighting located inside the walls to provide a better view of the interior
Digital temperature control
Innovative control panel located inside the refrigerator makes it easy to manage the refrigerator and freezer temperature at the touch of a button
Open door alarm
Alarm sends an audio and visual signal when the door is left ajar for over one minute
Full freezer shelf
Removable glass shelf offers spill-proof storage in the freezer compartment
Sealed back
Space-saving design offers easy cleanability
Vacation setting
Allows you to disable certain features during periods of inactivity
100% CFC free
Environmentally friendly design without ozone-damaging chemicals


Height 66.75"
Height to Hinge Cap 67.5"
Width 27.63"
Width with Door Open 28.63"
Depth 25.63"
Depth with Handle 27.63"
Depth with door at 90° 50.75"
Capacity 12.6 cu.ft.
Defrost Type Frost-Free
Door Stainless Steel
Cabinet Platinum
US Electrical Safety UL
Canadian Electrical Safety ULC
Energy Usage/Year 320.0kWh/year
Amps 2.4
Voltage/Frequency 115 V AC/60 Hz
Weight 185.0 lbs.
Shipping Weight 200.0 lbs.
Parts & Labor Warranty 1 Year
Compressor Warranty 5 Years
Door Swing RHD
Reversible Yes
Crisper Qty 1
Crisper Finish Transparent
Crisper Cover Glass
Refrigerator - Interior Height 41.0"
Refrigerator - Interior Width 23.5"
Refrigerator - Interior Depth 18.5"
Refrigerator - Capacity 9.67 cu.ft
Refrigerator - Shelf Type Glass
Refrigerator - Shelf Qty 3
Refrigerator - Full Door Shelves 3
Freezer - Interior Height 16.25"
Freezer - Interior Width 22.25"
Freezer - Interior Depth 16.38"
Freezer - Capacity 2.89 cu.ft
Freezer - Shelf Type Glass
Freezer - Shelf Qty 1
Freezer - Full Door Shelves 1
Adjustable Shelves Yes
Interior Light Yes
Thermostat Type Digital
Fan Type Interior
Refrigerant Type R600a
Refrigerant Amount 1.94 oz.
High Side PSI 224.0
Low Side PSI 53.0
Level Legs 2
Compressor Step Height 9.0"
Compressor Step Width 23.5"
Compressor Step Depth 5.5"

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