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Buy FiveStar Range TTN031 36 inch Gas Cooktop with Six Sealed Burners at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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FiveStar Range TTN031 36 inch Gas Cooktop with Six Sealed Burners

FiveStar Range TTN031 36 inch Gas Cooktop with Six Sealed Burners
Weight 145.00 lbs
Color Stainless Steel
Our price: $3030.00

* Description - 36" Six Burner Gas Cooktop, Sealed Burners, Stainless Steel
* Burner Ratings - Ultra High-Low™ Sealed Burners: up to 21,000 BTUs, down to 350 BTUs
* Gas Service Line - 1/2"
* Electrical Requirements - 120v, 5 amps
* Actual Dimensions - 36" wide by 24" deep by 6" high
Not including 4" standard backguard
* Net Weight - 125 lbs
* Shipping Weight - 145 lbs

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