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Buy Avanti GRO24P0W 24 inch Freestanding Gas Range at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Avanti GRO24P0W 24 inch Freestanding Gas Range

Avanti GRO24P0W 24 inch Freestanding Gas Range
Weight 110.00 lbs
Color White
Our price: $414.00

Freestanding 24" Gas Range
Broiler Drawer
Automatic Electronic Ignition
Full Range Temperature Control
Push and Turn Controls
Solid Metal Oven Door
Bake / Broil Oven for Maximum Versatility
Four 9,000 BTU Cooktop Burners
Oven / Broil Burner : 10,000 BTU
Backsplash / Storage Drawer / Leveling Legs
Oven Racks / Broiling Tray Included
LP Conversion Kit included


Color White
Unit Dimensions 40.5" H x 23.5" W x 25.75" D
Carton Dimensions 39.25" H x 25.25" W x 26.25" D
Unit Weight 95 Lbs.
Shipping Weight 110 Lbs.

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