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Buy Avanti CFC83Q0WG Commercial Convertible Freezer and Refrigerator at AppliancesBuyPhone.com. We offer free shipping and no sales tax in the NY Metro area! All appliances are new with a 1 yr. factory warranty. - Appliances Buy Phone Inc
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Avanti CFC83Q0WG Commercial Convertible Freezer and Refrigerator

Avanti CFC83Q0WG Commercial Convertible Freezer and Refrigerator
Weight 120.00 lbs
Color White
Our price: $407.00

Net Capacity: 9.3 Cu. Ft
Commercial UL listing
Easy Open Sliding Glass Doors
Security Lock
Power Indicator Light
Fast Freeze Setting
Rollers for Easy Movement
Two (2) Removable Storage Basket
Adjustable Thermostat
Defrost Drain


Net Capacity 9.3 Cu. Ft
Color White
Unit Dimensions 34.75" H x 41" W x 27.5" D
Carton Dimensions 36.5" H x 43" W 30" D
Unit Weight 110 Lbs.
Shipping Weight 120 Lbs.
Defrost System Manual
Power 110V / 60Hz

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